Wenger now a nearly man?

wengerPICIn an ideal world we would all love Arsene Wenger to succeed again at Arsenal. After all he was the manager who brought us worldwide acclaim, a fantastic new stadium, great players and very enjoyable football. On a personal note he was probably the manager who got me into football. For ever the club will be grateful for everything that he has done. The only problem is that we do not live in an ideal world. We cannot live in the past where we just wait for Wenger to find his mojo. I feel we have waited long enough for him to turn the corner. The FA cup win was great for the club, but it probably did cloud over the fact that we fell away from top spot to get our annual 4th place. On the back of this Wenger added years to his new contract. I personally would have liked to see a 1 year deal given. I know this is not the usual for any club, but it would have been in the best interests of the club. No other manager would have got the side into the champions league 16 years in a row. Especially with some of the squads/injury crisis we have had whilst we were paying off the stadium. But now we have the money to at least compete, why have we not seen the same old problems addressed? Why is it that our manager and CEO are two of the best paid football employees in their positions in Europe, when we clearly are no way near the European elite? For what it is worth I think Wenger still has class when it comes to identifying players. Where he is lacking is motivation of these players, it seems that talents are being waisted. Lazy players need to be motivated to perform, that is a trait of some of the top managers. Average players should be motivated to work hard for a manager. Ferguson for years got his average players playing above themselves, he also made sure that top talents stayed focused and committed. I know that he would have got more of a tune out of Bendtner and Denilson. While Arshavin and Ozil would put in shifts for him. The injury situation is a joke. All fans have seen our top players getting injured at key times affecting our seasons for the last 6 years. OK some of these were due to bad tackles but many repeated muscle injuries whilst training. It took Wenger until this summer to recognise a problem. It all smacks of a person who is behind the times. The squad we have is nearly a great one. With Arsenal over the last 10 years its always nearly. We nearly beat Chelsea in the League Cup, nearly beat Barcelona in the Champions League. We nearly have the perfect team. I personally think Wenger will always be a nearly man unfortunately. The argument that we will go the same way as Man Utd, does not really fit. They had an ageing squad whilst we have the nucleus of something great. A good manager would bring fresh ideas and thats what we need. An outside person to iron out the small cracks, cracks which will widen under Wenger. Your thoughts welcome below.


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