Wojciech Szczęsny will be a good keeper, just not at Arsenal

_3001634It is sad to think about what is happening at Arsenal regarding our goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny. I personally do not think he is quite ready to be in goal for a club the size of our size at the moment. This does not mean he will never be ready for a big club, just not now. At the age of 24 he is far exceeding most other goalkeepers his age. Saying that he is quite away behind the majority of goalkeepers at our rival clubs as well as many keepers of his age in Europe. Man Utd and Chelsea both have number 1 keepers who are of his age or younger. David De Gea has the potential to be become one of the worlds best. he is four years the junior of Manuel Nuer and could possibly develop to a similar standard. Courtois is 2 years junior of both De Gea and Szczęsny yet already better than our keeper. As the saying goes the majority of goalkeepers are at their peek around 30. The obvious exceptions to the rule are world class keepers like Casillas, Neur and Buffon who all broke into top class sides at a young age. So in line with this saying I do not feel our keeper is currently to that level. If he were to leave us for 2/3 seasons and develop at a side like Newcastle or Crystal Palace for example he would be a much better player. There is definitely talent but we are not in a position to carry any players. This would be like a second wind for him, a bit like when Friedel got his transfer to Spurs after he was let go by Liverpool or Van Der Sar being replaced at Juventus and eventually finding himself at Man Utd later on his career. It would be a blow to many of our players if we got rid of Szczęsny, as he is a big member of our young group but for his career and for the club to move forward its best for all parties. His antics off the field do not help his cause this being his perceived arrogance in particular. Smoking in the dressing room shower will not help his cause either. I wish him well, but would love to see us bring another top keeper with Ospina as a very able deputy.


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