Shawcross to Arsenal? Worst rumour ever

The award for the most outlandish rumour has to go the Express. Yes silly season is here, we have been linked to the signing of Ryan Shawcross. I would like to think that a source provided them with the rumour but it seems that they have put two and two together and pulled out Shawcross’s name.

The quotes from Wenger do not once mention that we had to buy a no nonsense English centre back. The paper took some quotes from Wenger praising John Terry and spun this into us looking at Shawcross.

Whats more odd is that the paper then go onto say that Wenger stated he could compromise on footballing ability to get in a hardman. There is no direct quote for this anywhere in the article. It also goes against all of Wenger’s principles to do this.

If we look at Shawcross’s ability then he is no where near the standard of John Terry. He is dirtier (if thats even possible) and does not have the nous of Terry. When I hear stories like this it makes me wonder why we did not put more interest in Cahill before he went to Chelsea.

The final reason to suggest that we will not be signing the Stoke captain is that he is hated throughout the club. The fans absolutely despise him as does Aaron Ramsey (and I am sure many other players). He also is the first Stoke player to put Arsenal down when he gets a chance.

Thanks to the Express, this made me laugh.


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