Counter Attacking the Key to Sunday’s Match

There has been a lot said about Arsenal’s performances in the last few years in big games, especially those away from home. We have had quite a few spankings on our travels. From memory I can remember one at Old Trafford a few seasons back and last seasons embarrassing results away to Liverpool, Man City as well as a horror show against Chelsea too.

So far we have avoided being ridiculed at Stamford Bridge and Anfield, but Sunday is another test. I feel we had gone wrong in the last few seasons, Arsenal would normally push up to much in order to score. When we did not the other teams would counter attack and score. There is no need to over attack from the get go, patients is something the other sides have over us.

In terms of tactics for this game I would seriously consider a change in tactics. I honestly feel we should employ the counter attack more in games like this. This is not saying we put ten men behind the ball and give the ball to Theo, Alexis and Welbeck to run, it means be more selective as when to attack.

This ruthless counter attack has been employed by Man Utd to great effect this season, us being one of their victims. What we need to do is sit slightly deeper than we have been in other big games. We have started to press teams pretty well over the last games. This is something that both Welbeck and Alexis do particularly well.

Arsenal are normally the ones to over attack in the big games, meaning teams simply wait and counter us. A slight change of emphasis could put Manchester City off their game plan.


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