Our fixtures say we still should finish top 4!

Lets remind ourselves of what happened yesterday. We were out played and quite frankly didn’t want the game just as much as a few of their players did. Praise for this should go to Ryan Mason and Harry Kane who lifted their side.

We have lost the NLD in the past and have still finished above our arch rivals. I admit they are looking better than they have ever but what really counts is the end result. Arsenal have the experience of qualifying for the Champions League and I do not see why this season should be different. Its not all doom and gloom, we need to take it game by game and start winning again.

Comparing our fixtures to all our rivals it seems that we have played the majority of our tough games. We have only two of the top five sides to play, where as Man Utd still have to play Chelsea, Man City ourselves and Tottenham still. As I write they are warming up for a huge game against West Ham. See Manchester United’s full fixture list.

Tottenham have a slightly better run of games than Manchester United do, but this still includes away games at Chelsea, Man Utd, Southampton and Liverpool. They play Man City, West Ham at home as well as tricky fixtures away to Newcastle, Stoke and Everton.

Lets not forget that they will re start their Europa League experience. They are capable of wining that competition but do they really have a squad or the experience to manage to do both? See Tottenham’s full fixture list.

Southampton are a real threat and I do see them as genuine challengers for a Champions League place. A lot depends on whether they can keep Schneiderlin and Wanyama fit.  See Southampton’s full fixture list.

Considering that we have a relatively easier list of games coming up against our rivals and that they all are still to play each other I feel we still are in poll position to qualify for Champions League. Lets not forget that our record for all other teams out of the top 5 is really good.


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