What Are The Expectations Now?

Firstly I have to say, CAN WE PLAY IN MANCHESTER EVERY WEEK!. Again we went there with many people doubting that we could win, and we won. We put in another of those well drilled performances, where we defended as a team and broke on the opposition.

This is Arsenal’s best tactic. When teams attack us we usually have enough pace to hurt teams through counter attacking. When teams defend deep against us we sometimes find it hard to break teams down. Defend deep is what Man Utd did do at The Emirates. This time it was a must win for them so they gave it there all in trying to win. Much of our good play was down to our midfield axis of Santi Cazorla and Coquelin. This is definitely a partnership to be developed.

Man Utd are not the side they once were, but beating them at their own backyard is always fun. I love our rivalry with them, this year its as if we have once again over taken them. Lets hope it continues.

So this win leaves us in the semi final of the FA Cup, probably facing another season in the top four and also probable elimination from Europe. I think the new target should be to win the FA Cup, finish as close to Manchester City and possibly win the game in Monaco. The later will be hard but I feel we can achieve all three. What do you think?


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