Arsenal 11 Goalkeeping Options For 2015/2016

One position that we need to strengthen for next season is in goal. This will probably be brought to the attention of Wenger when Szszesny either leaves or is sold. Unfortunately for the young Pole he just doesn’t seem to be able to make it for us. It is not to say he won’t be back one day at another top side.

He has all the attributes to be a good goalkeeper, he just needs to go away and develop these into consistant performances. His OTT personality probably doesn’t help him as this highlights bad performances more.

1. Ospina – He is currently the first choice. He has done well since being put into the firing line, some top saves but also like Wojech Szszesny he just seems like he’s not the perfect fit. I can’t pin point it just yet but I do not see him in our goal for the next five seasons. Although if he carries on in this form he can’t be faulted, so he will need to be ousted by any new guy. He is favourite to retain the starting spot next season.

2. Szszesny – He may start the FA Cup final but I do not see a longer term future for him at Arsenal currently. It would surprise me if he settles for the bench next season or if Wenger puts him back in.

3. Martinez – Like Szezesny it would surprise me if Martinez is the number 1 next season. He seems to be a good keeper, but next season is too early. If Ospina stays a few seasons Martinez could be the long term replacement.

4. Cech – At 32 he still has a good 4/5 seasons of top level football left. He is also definitely leaving Chelsea. There are a few doubts though, I do not see Mourinho letting him move to us. He is more likely to be allowed to go to Tottenham than us. I think PSG is made for him.

5. Lloris – This controversial transfer could happen only if the reported buy clause exists. If there is a clause then this is a very realistic clause. One of his best friends is Giroud while he knows many of the other players and would not require a moving of house. Wenger is also a known fan. If there is no buy out clause there is very little chance of this happening. Lorris could try and force a move but no doubt there are easier moves out there for a top keeper like him.

6. Begavic – The Serbian keeper is only 27 believe it or not. He is at the perfect age to make a move to a Champions League side. He also has been dropped recently for the equally as good Jack Butland. There is not much doubt he will make a move this summer, weather it is to us lets see. I think this could really happen and I am not adverse it us getting him.

7. Casillias – Despite him only being 33 this transfer would be 3 seasons too late in my opinion. He is not the same keeper he was, this was highlighted by Real Madrid wanting a new keeper and his woeful performances in the world cup. I could see us buying him as a backup to Ospina, but would he really want that? I hope we stay well clear of this one.

8. Jonathan Bond – You may ask who? Watford number 1 and England U21 goalkeeper. He is a decent keeper that was linked with Arsenal a number of years ago. He would be similar to Ospina as a steady eddy in goal. He is not as good as Jack Butland so not even the best young English keeper. This will not happen now Watford got promotion.

9. Mouez Hassen – The 19 year old Nice goalkeeper is definitely one to look out for in the future. He replaced Ospina between the sticks at Nice. Ive seen him make a number of world class saves in a match against Monaco this season (yes BT sports French Football has a few viewers). Subsequent to this I looked out for him and have heard him talked about as a future world class keeper on the World Football Phone In (BBC). It may be a bit early for him to make a move, but a similar purchase and loan move like Courtois did could be on. Watch out for him, he’s also French.

10. Simone Scuffet – The young Italian is tipped to be the long term replacement for Buffon. He currently plays for Udinese but has been constantly linked to Athletico Madrid. It is not hard to understand why they want him. He is of a similar frame and stature to Courtois. Any move for Scuffet would have to be soon otherwise he will move to another top club.

11. Loris Karius – Like when Spain won the world cup Germany now have a reserve of top class young goalkeepers. Karius is probably the most highly rated of the lot, dubbed as the unofficial number two in waiting to Neur. He was linked to Arsenal in January but there is also known interest from Dortmund. He has the potential to be as good as De Gea or Courtois. I would love this transfer to happen but it would mean that Wenger would have to either loan him back out or relegate Ospina to number 2. The other German keeper that may be available is Timo Horn from Koln. He is a good young keeper but not in the same class as Karius.

Arsenal missed out on Marc-Ander term Stegen who signed for Barcelona and Jack Butland who moved to Stoke a few years back. Lets hope we don’t regret not getting Karius too.


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