I hate the transfer window!

Im sure fans of all clubs will agree with me, when I say that I hate the transfer window. The trading of players in the summer transfer window is a painful watch. The only good part of having a transfer window is that the last day is usually a good watch on TV.

As an Arsenal fan it is particularly painful. Being a London Premier League club in the Champions League who do not disclose much information it probably is as bad as you get. I say this because (a) being in London and the Champions League we attract almost every player who can’t make it at Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich. (b) being a club that does not disclose any information regarding transfers means we are open to agents and newspapers using our name.

The metro and daily star is particularly bad at lots articles on Arsenal. We do not know where they get their sources from but both these two publications seem to be constantly wrong. Benzema to Arsenal has been reported in the Metro for the last three or four transfer windows.

I will be watching Sky Sports News on transfer window deadline day, awaiting any transfer news, but will not be holding my breath at all. Let the football begin and people stop talking transfers.


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