Arsenal v Stoke Preview

AFC v StokeThe random nature of Arsenal and Stoke’s rivalry will again come under the microscope again this Saturday. There has never been a closeness in terms of league positions or geographic locations, but there used to be a genuine hatrid between the fans.

Although this has not totally evaporated the hatred has reduced vastly. This is most likely due to the departure of Tony Pulis and the arrival of Mark Hughes. I am very impressed by his signings this summer and feel that Arsenal will be in a game of proper football.

Not only do we need to watch out for their big guys any more, they also have real footballers. Shequiri, Bojan and Afeley are just 3 to name. The later being suspended does really help Arsenal.

Although Stoke have caused us problems away before, we generally have the better of them at The Emirates. For this reason I think we should be expecting a win, just not saying how easy it will be.

In terms of the starting team, I expect 3 changes from the Newcastle game. I think Giroud will be back into the side to give us a bit of height and strength, Ozil will come bak in for The Ox and possibly Mertesacker will be back in. I personally would stick with Gabriel as he has impressed so far when called upon.


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