A New Formation For Arsenal?

Currently most Premier League Clubs find it fashionable to play a 4-3-2-1 otherwise known as the old 4-3-3 formation. Arsenal were one of the last clubs to leave the traditional 4-4-2 formation after the retirement of Dennis Bergkamp.

It can be argued that we need to have three players in central midfield to counter other teams who have three in central midfield. This is a theory that the team needs a Guttuso as the out and out defensive midfielder, a Pirlo to link the defence and attack and an attack minded midfielder like Kaka. The variation on this is to play two strong defensive midfielders like Matic and Obi Mikel as that boring team often does.

The downside to this formation is that the team needs non traditional wingers who can score, assist and also track back from high up the pitch from attacking positions, as well as a more complete lone striker.

We have pacy wingers who all do to their credit create a lot of assists and do track back. Arsenal do lack goals from the wingers and often a lot of this burden is put onto Sanchez. Upfront we have two strikers who are both very good but both lack a clear attribute to be great as a lone striker.

Giroud has the hold up play, strength and a decent knack of scoring goals. He however lacks true pace to be a great lone striker. Walcott is the opposite, he lacks the hold up play and the killer eye for a goal when he is not on high confidence.

There are plenty of opportunities where Arsenal could take the game to opponents, possibly not in the big games but against sides like Newcastle, Aston Villa and West Brom we should be looking to attack.

I personally would try out the 4-4-2 formation that got Wenger so much success in his early days. This would be a midfield of Coquelen and Ramsay or Wilshere. Ozil and Sanchez on the wings with Theo and Giroud up front. Theo and Sanchez would be swapping positions.

Why is Wenger so rigid to his formations? It surely should be horses for courses? Let me know any of you agree that we should experiment a bit more with two up front.


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