2016 The Year Of The Ox?


The Ox (Alex Oxlade Chamberlain) is now 22 years of age. In my opinion that is no longer an age where we can say he is a kid. Up to now we have seen a few little injuries halt his career just at times when he is kicking on. One such example was when he was set to play a leading part in the 2014 world cup, but had to miss the tournament.

We have played him on the right, left and occasionally through the middle. What is his best position? His pace lends himself to a counter attacking side, which makes him handy in big games. I personally would love to see him given a chance playing behind Theo Walcott in a number 10 role against Bayern Munich. This is game I feel we can experiment as no one expects Arsenal to get anything here.

Technically he is up there with the likes of Sterling and Barkley, but the less he starts for Arsenal will hurt his chances of starting for England. This could be one of his most important seasons, with hard work he could achieve it all this season. Who knows if he can force himself into the Arsenal and England side there is great opportunities out there this season for both to make history.

One of the few times we have played him in that position was against AC Milan a few seasons back were he ran the show. For the time being for The Ox its about being a squad player, but with a few good performances he could be an absolute superstar. I foresee that 2016 will be the year that Alex Oxlade Chamberlain kicks on from being a talented youngster to a world superstar.


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