Title challenge hanging by a thread!



Todays 3-2 defeat really hurts, almost as badly as the 8-2 scrolling a few years back. If you recall back to that time we had a number of key injuries and an altogether weak side. Today when the tables were turned we still could not take advantage.

The result leaves us a massive 5 points behind the league leaders Leicester and a further 3 points behind the spuds. If today was a massive game, the next two will decide if we are still in with an outside chance of winning the league or if we will have a battle on our hands for fourth place.

Everyone keeps telling us that this was our best chance of winning the league back. This statement is very true, if we are to win the league next season we will have an even bigger battle on our hands. Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Man Utd will all improve with their new managers (Including Klopp’s first full season) while Spurs should also improve and who knows what will happen to the Leicester story?

Our next game is midweek against Swansea, a side we have struggled to beat in the past, and then to Tottenham who will be licking their lips about the prospects of us ending their title charge.


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