First Stan, then Gazidas & then Wenger


We play Norwich later this afternoon and it seems that all fans have all reached boiling point. This is the culmination of 12 years of promises, lies and on field disappointment. Fingers are being pointed to all parties involved, including Arsene Wenger blaming fans for making the atmosphere for his players.

The fundamental questions need to be asked by those of any power at Arsenal. The key question is in regards to what the fans want? It seems that Silent Stan cares only for the profitability of the club. Ivan Gazidas is his yes man, while Arsene Wenger is blinded by all business targets.

What these three people do not understand is that, by winning more trophies and having better players will in turn increase Arsenal’s profitability. It will also increase the mood of the fans and encourage fans to keep coming and spending money with the club they love.

The reported £8million that Wenger gets a season does matter to us, especially after we have seen managers with a lot less reputation/salaries outperform Mr Wenger. What hurts more is that a side like Leicester or our rivals Tottenham can take advantage of all other teams falling but we can’t. The players we do have are adequate, they are better than most sides in the league (probably only 2nd to Man City), the fault lies with Wenger. Not adding the extra 2 players season in season out to change a top four side into champions is just stupid.

All money talk aside I think we have reached the point where it is evident that Wenger and Kronke will not change, while Gazidas is happy to go along with any decision by his two masters to have any courage to say anything contrary. All three need to go now, we all know nothing will change for next season. At most what will change will be Wenger goes and his replacement is appointed by Kronke and Gazidas (two men who nothing about football). If this does happen we still need to continue the protests until the other two muppets have gone. Stan Kronke should have a conversation with his friend Randy Learner about football. It took Learner a relegation out of the league and a severe loss of money to realise what he has done.

What the club really does need is for Silent Stan to go first, selling to Usmanov, Gazidas goes with him being replaced by David Dein and then Wenger goes. I do live in a dream world sometimes, none of this will happen, but as an Arsenal fan we could only dream about this.


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