Can Alexis lead Arsenal to the Title?


There are many factors that will decide the destination of the league. One of the factors which will decide Arsenal’s fortune is the form and fitness of Alexis Sanchez.

The combination of Oliver Giroud’s injury, Perez finding his feet in the team and Walcott  know realising he’s a winger has meant that we have seen the first sight of Alexis as a striker. So far we seen the Alexis experiment work wonders. The usually flying winger has started 8 games and has contributed to 9 goals for the side, most of these as a striker.

The above stats just highlight how important Alexis is for Arsenal, but the key question is can he keep up the form upfront over a prolonged period? Throughout his career Sanchez has generally played off the wing or with another striker. His partnership with Vargas for Chile has been very fruitful.

There is no place harder to ply your trade up front on your own in the Premier League. Case in example is Andrie Arshavin who was left out to dry by Wenger when he inexplicably picked him as a lone striker against Stoke at their strongest.

What Arsenal now have with Sanchez working out is two options, when Arsenal play sides such as Burnley or Stoke, Giroud would work better up front or with Alexis. Against the top sides who come at Arsenal a bit more, Sanchez up front will be deadly. A horses for courses approach should be taken this season.

The season will be interesting but the signs are promising for Arsenal.


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