Could Ramsey & Arsenal part ways?


The injury to Aaron Ramsey has come at a very unfortunate time in the Welshman’s career. This seems to be a bit of a constant problem for the 25 year old, in the fact that he always seems to pick up an injury when he’s on top form. In his absence it seems that Arsenal have now found a consistent formula in the midfield.

His injury and Jack Wilshere’s loan move away to Bournemouth have made the team selection pretty straight forward for Wenger. There is either Coquelin or Xhaka at the base of the midfield with Santi Cazorla as the link man, playing behind Mesut Ozil. The right wing position has now been filled by  Theo Walcott and the impressive Iwobi is now the first choice on the left wing.

There is potentially a change to happen if Giroud was to be fit. This may see Sanchez move back to the left wing in place of Iwobi. All of this means it will be harder for Ramsey to get back into the side.

In terms of talent he probably is one of the best midfielders at the club, being able to play in a number of roles. He can be the link player in midfield or play on the right wing, both positions he does a solid job. His best position however is the number 10 role (playmaker), a role we saw him play very successfully in the summer for Wales.

His biggest talent is getting into the box at the right time and scoring a goal. Ramsey and Wilshere have a problem in the fact that their best position is the number 10 role, a role which is currently occupied by Mesut Ozil. I have no doubt that Ramsey can do a sterling job in that position but if it came to picking out of the two right now I would have say Ozil has to stay there.

For this reason we will see Ramsey yet again be deployed slightly deeper in midfield, it is likely that he will drop back into the role currently occupied by Santi Cazorla. He can play this role well, but it is not his best position. At the age of 25 there may be a knock on Mr Wenger’s door asking to be played in his best position. Eventually it may have to come down to a straight choice of the two.

It will be a very tough conversation to say to a very talented player that he is not going to play in his favoured position at the club. For this reason I feel that one of the Ramsey may eventually decide to look elsewhere in the not se near future. For the record I hope he stays at Arsenal, but would not begrudge him a move away to another big European side that can play to his strenghts.

Please let me know if you think this is an actual problem that Arsenal will face in the near future by leaving your comments below. Please also share if you think this was a good read.


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