We can’t let Oxlade-Chamberlen go!


a.espncdnWith the 2016-2017 season drawing to a painful close, all eyes will turn to what happens next at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger has never looked so shaky in his position, some of the top players are not closer to signing a new contract.

One of these players who’s contractual situation is less so reported is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlen, with only just over a year on his contract we could be set to lose one of our biggest talents to a rival.

Losing Alexis and or Ozil would be a massive blow for the club, but these players would more than likely go abroad. If The Ox left it would be more than likely he’d go to a direct rival of ours. Most likely one of Liverpool, Manchester United or Manchester City.

It all smacks of a badly run club, totally different to what we had when David Dein was at the club. A massive summer is coming up for Arsenal Football Club, change is needed!

The club in general need to pull their finger out and start to act quickly, if they dilly dally like always we will not only be looking for a new manager come the summer but also looking for replacements for Sanchez, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlen and Santi Cazorla (all players who’s contracts are close to finishing). At the age of 23 he can still become even better and add constancy, which another top manager will be able to add to his game.

We just cant let him go!!!

Please comment if you agree/disagree.


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