5 Things Arsenal can do to improve


Defeat today against Man Utd seems to be another bad day at the office for Wenger and his boys. We have seems to have said that far too many times over the last 10 seasons. With teams coming from nowhere to perform better than Arsenal it seems that we finally have hit breaking point with most Arsenal fans.

In my opinion the following 5 things need to change before we will ever by strong enough to compete again at the very top level:

  • Wenger to vacate the managers role and move into the board

Arsene Wenger has been a great servant to Arsenal and has possibly carried us out of crisis point when building the new stadium. We are no longer in financial trouble, but he seems to have forgotten the art of buying the right player at the right time. I still trust Wenger enough to know what makes a good manager to have a say in appointing his replacement. I personally would try and tempt either Frank DeBoer or Joachim Low to the role.

  • Dead wood needs to be cleared from the squad

In the past we have carried many players but I feel its time to get rid of those players who are in our squad but never play due to old age or injury. I really Thomas Rosicky but feel the decision to give him a new contract last summer was wrong. Arteta and Flamini have been a good buy for us, but we should be looking to move these two out or into coaching roles. While I’m on it, Per Mertesacker is not old or injury prone, he’s just not good enough any more. We should cash in while he has any value left.

  • Training pitches and training methods need to be assessed as well as the medical practices

I always wonder why certain managers get more injured players than others. Before LVG came to Man Utd they generally had a good fitness record as soon as he implemented his training they fell like flies. Slavonia Bilic moved West Ham’s training ground early as he felt the pitches were causing injuries. Wenger has changed the medical team but has he ever questioned his own training methods or got an investigation done on the training pitches? A new manager could see players like Jack Wilshere stay fit for longer.

  • Quality signings needs to be made to improve moral

It seems that Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United will all revamp their squads this summer. We also need to invest in a clinical striker and dominant centre back to support Sanchez and Ozil. I would personally love to see us aggressively target Paul Pogba this summer. Id be willing to spend over £70mil on him. More realistic signings would include Hummels, Ibrahimovic and Rues. Leaders need to be brought into the side, which we clearly do not have.

  • Invest in the youth

As a by product of investing all the money in the new stadium we may have missed out in signing those top youth stars. We need to restart paying top dollar for those players with great potential again. In this regards we have to start competing with the top European clubs by spending more on the youth side. We are still an attractive proposition for a player in the mould of a young Fabregas.


How much is Pogba worth?

Paul Pogba Price

When considering the player that most of the top Premier League sides need a combative box to box midfielder is probably high on list for all the sides. Another side who have been linked with the young French midfielder is PSG. They like the top Premier League sides have a need for an all action central midfielder. All of the mentioned clubs have money to spend because of rich owners or big TV deals (or both).

His price has increased so much over the last year or so for a few reasons. These being:

  • His age (22 years old)
  • He is already one of the best in his position in the world
  • The new Premier League TV deal
  • The need for top clubs to get a strong box to box midfielder
  • A good world cup

Why all the sides need him:

Manchester United let him leave at a young age, but they have shown an interest to resign him. I personally do not think he is one of those players to go back to a club he left in bad taste. They have lots of money to change his mind though (as long as the get Champions League). (Would he go back to Utd after they didn’t rate him to put him ahead of John O’shea?)

Chelsea have been linked with him and they could really strengthen with a player like him. Buying Pogba could be a masterstroke for them. Magic would hold the midfield, Pogba as the guy who links the defensive side and attacking side together. Freeing up Fabregas to do what he does best as a number 10. The only issue is if they would rather spend the big money on a striker and another centre back (they are good with financial fair play).

Man City and Liverpool would want the player to replace inspirational figures in Yaya Toure and Gerrad who are both coming to the end of their superpowers. The issue here for City is financial fair play, while Liverpool may not qualify for the Champions League.

PSG have the money to buy who they want and they want to get to the next level. A player of Paul Pogba’s calibre is what they are after. It also helps that he is French and young. Their only issue is financial fair play, a big signing without selling half their side could see huge penalties for them in Europe.

Then we have Arsenal (my side). Now listen to the reasoning before judging me. Here are my reasons for why we should go for him:

  • Arsene Wenger is a known fan and tried to sign him at 18
  • We have no box to box midfielder like him
  • This can free up Wilshere or Ramsay to play in an advanced role
  • Cazorla wanted out last summer and may decide he wants one last crack in Spain
  • Rosicky and Arteta are ageing – Both may go into coaching or leave this summer
  • Diaby will not be with next season as his contract ends (Thank GOD)
  • If all the above players were to go we would only have Coqulen, Ramsay, Wilshere and Ozil as midfielders
  • Ozil normally plays on the wing if Ramsay or Wilshere play
  • Wilshere or Ramsay are always injured ruining our season
  • The stadium is fully paid off so we can afford to spend big like rivals now
  • The defence has been strengthened in January so all thats left is a box to box midfielder and backup striker
  • Pogba is young and French
  • Wenger will only have 2 years left to make another impact on the league or win that 1st Champions League – He must know what we need by now

I am not saying that he would want to come to us, but for the reasons mentioned I would love to see a serious effort made to lure him. He is the marquee player that we need. I would be willing to spend up to £55mil on him and less if there was to be a player exchange.